Monday, 27 March 2017

Travel Diary: 3-day trip to Scotland

Outside Edinburgh Airport
Where do I start? Scotland is an absolute gem.

Day 1 – We arrived at the Edinburgh Airport around 10 am (this time the weather was fine). For airport transfer, there's a few options – Airlink bus (cheapest), tram/train and taxi. If you're travelling as a group or family, I would recommend taking a taxi for good value. It's convenient plus you can split the cost within your group. My friend and I opted for a taxi ride to our Airbnb which is around 30 minutes from the airport – cost us £20.

Airbnb: £76 for 2 nights. Excellent value for money! Book Ursula's place here:

The birthplace of Harry Potter
Giles Cathedral along the Royal Mile

Camera Obscura

Day 2 – The weather was horrible but somehow I still had the best day.

Scottish Highlands Day Tour £38 (x1 Adult)
Urquhart Castle and Cruise £18 (This is optional but I highly recommend!!!)

There's no public transport that goes to the Highlands from the City Centre so book a coach tour ahead of time! The only other option would be a taxi which will cost you more than £200 (one way). 

Book a tour with Scotline Tours – they run special offers on selected dates! 

Day 3 – Last day in Edinburgh.

On our last day, we went to Edinburgh Castle–£16.50 (x1 Adult)
Book online to avoid massive queues (

Edinburgh Castle


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