Friday, 27 November 2015

* Friday's 10 Happy Things * 02

I skipped last week's 10 Happy Things because it wasn't exactly a happy week. Okay, maybe that's a little over the top. One thing actually made me happy last weekI got paid for my temp job! 

On a lighter note, I'm back with my second entry!
  1. Twinsters - a documentary about identical twin sisters separated at birth and reunited by the inexorable fate. It was so heartwarming and it just makes you believe that there are some events in our life that were already sealed to happen... Fate really is whimsical.  It's crazy how one random incident could completely change one's life. The twins' reunion story is absolutely astonishing. Go watch it on Netflix!!! Pop! 
  2. I finally have my own domain name. *eeeeeppp* 
  3. New winter coat from Mantaray! Thanks Dad! 😉
  4. Christmas fayre
  5. Chippy - Yuuuum! Finished one bag all for myself. Ahhhh! Nothing compares to Filipino snacks.
  6. Black Friday Sale - I don't know how it suddenly became a huge thing in the UK but I am definitely not complaining! Lots of really good offers on the high street!
  7. ISAW - OMG! It's been 7 bloody years!!! I had forgotten how delicious it was. 
  8. My old playlist 

  9. Cetaphil - Very happy with the wonders it's doing to my skin.
  10. Gamberoni pasta from Bella Italia - I promised myself to start eating healthy again but, but, but, it's Friday and it's my favourite. . .*huhuhuhu*

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