Friday, 13 November 2015

* Friday's 10 Happy Things * 01

Hello there! Allow me to share 10 things that made me happy this week. A list of even the littlest things that made us smile at some points in our life can come handy at times when everything is not going our way. 
  1. New phone! Surprise, surprise. Graduation present from the parents. Finally, a non-hand-me-down mobile phone. Thanks mum, dad.
  2. A much needed catch-up with a friend.
  3. Justin Bieber's new album: Purpose
  4. Our Christmas tree is finally up. I look forward to decorating our tree every year. 
  5. Zizzi (Newest favourite Italian restaurant) - You have no idea how much I love Italian food. I'm really happy to have discovered this hidden gem.
  6. 2NE1 comeback rumour ( KPOP to me is 2NE1 & BIGBANG. The only two Korean groups I know & listen to *sometimes, haha* )
  7. I have finally caught up with Once Upon A Time, dearie.
  8. Landed a new job (one that I really wanted *happy dancing*)
  9. Official graduation photo
  10. S L E E P

Now, beautiful, what made you smile this week?

Ditz Revolution


  1. I think Big Bang and 2NE1 are talented but I don't limit myself to just the two said groups when it comes to KPOP. I've been into KPOP since 2007 and 2pm pulled me in. After quite sometime of being in hiatus since 2010, I was pulled back again in 2012 by B.A.P and until now, although I am really not active, I still see to it that I am still in the loop. Haha.

  2. Our trip to one of the most beautiful province in the Philippines Sagada, definitely made me happy this week. Yey to your phone and congratulations for graduating. I love decorating Christmas Tree too. I put ours up first week of November.

  3. I LOVE PURPOSE, TOO!!! And yay for a new phone!!! :)