Sunday, 11 October 2015

The Sunday Currently | 04

Missing the hustle and bustle of London Kings Cross.
I am currently. . .
marketing news and articles online. I used to be very much updated with marketing news, but not quite after I completed my degree and finished my internship... After a two-month drought, marketing gods and goddesses have conspired to help me get my creative juices flowing again. A night of deep and serious contemplating turned on a switch that I had gotten to forget: my drive to hone my marketing abilities and get into my choice of career. It is thereby the appropriate time to start and put everything that I learned at uni into good use.

a couple of blog posts to be posted in due course. 

to this playlist by Spotify: New Music Friday UK. What joy it is to discover great songs before they even hit the mainstream airwaves.

about applying for a job based in London... and eventually, move there. I love Cambridge but the list of opportunities for new graduates is endless in London. I've always dreamed of living in one of the pastel coloured houses in Notting Hill... of being able to mooch around Piccadilly Circus and shop along Regent Street on a daily basis... of going on day trips to London museums, Chinatown and Soho over the weekend... But there's a lot to put into account... It won't be easy but I'll do it. Give me some more years to work on myself.

the chicken adobo I just cooked. Yummy!

I'd be able to accomplish everything that needs to be done next week.

it all goes according to plan.

a very Christmas-sy socks. It's getting coooooooold.


to learn how to make French macaroons. It doesn't seem so easy.

some drive and motivation.

anxious, jittery rather. There's a lot happening next week, including my college graduation! *Yipeeeeee!!!*

**The Sunday Currently is an original link-up by Siddathornton**


  1. Christmas socks! Oh how I wish it was cold enough for cute socks here in Arizona. I've been wanting some new music to listen to, so I'm going to take some time later to browse your Spotify playlist. Happy Sunday!

    1. Hi Ashley. I hope you enjoy listening to it. Have a lovely Sunday! :)