Sunday, 4 October 2015

The Sunday Currently | 03

Hello friends. My Sunday is ending soon as it's already night time here in the UK. I didn't do much today aside from cleaning our bathroom, baking and watching the NFL match between NYJ and MIA. It's all good because our family is complete. It's close to rare that we would all be at home on a Sunday. I hope you all had or will have a lovely Sunday ahead of you.

I am currently...

random 'The Sunday Currently' entries... What fun it is to have a peak at someone else's life.

a bunch of cookie recipes. Thank you YouTube for the "how to" videos. You  make life so much easier, tbh.

to the soundtrack of the newest Bond film - Writing's On The Wall by Sam Smith

Once Upon a Time. Having a little sister who has a better taste at TV series is one thing I am thankful for. Just like how she got me hooked to Pretty Little Liars, she also got me crazy over Once Upon a Time. The first time I had seen some bits of it, I got confused. There was just too much going on. Before, every time my sister would watch the show, I would always complain. But now, it's a different story. A stroke of boredom urged me to watch the first few episodes from its first season. From then on, I couldn't stop watching it!

of the future, as per usual. Will I ever make it to the marketing industry? What if I end up in retail? What if I disappoint my parents? The what ifs... There was never a day after Uni that I didn't think about my current state (I'm unemployed). The kind of contemplating that eats me up and scares the shit off me. I seriously need to stop and focus on the NOW.

the magnolia wax melts mum bought today. I can almost smell the holiday season!

all the universe conspire to help me get a job.

to get job interviews next week... and eventually, land in a job.

a navy blue hoodie from GAP and leggings.

Soap & Glory's pistachio, almond and sweet vanilla body buttercream!!!

to go to London... and a hovertrax.

a job, money, a job, money, a job, money.

full. Stuffed. Bloated. Today's my cheat day, hehehe! :))

**The Sunday Currently is an original link-up by Siddathornton**


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