Thursday, 1 October 2015

Monthly Goals: October 2015

Officially joining the Monthly Goals linky by My So-Called Chaos...

  • GET A JOB - This has been my top priority since July. Hopefully I get to land a job this month, after my graduation at least.
  • Lose weight - I'm still behind my target weight. Hopefully I get to lose more weight this month.
  • Be active - Get a gym subscription perhaps?
  • Organise/decorate new room - I’m finally having my own room. Since I could remember, I’ve always shared a room with one or both of my little sisters. Don’t get me wrong. I love sharing a room with them but they’re already growing up. More than privacy, I need my own space because I can’t stand the clutter they make. It just infuriates me all the time hence our everyday fights. So there, I’m finally having my own space in our house, yay!
  • Read - Read. Read more


  1. Have fun decorating your new room! That's very exciting!