Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Autumn Favourites 2015

  • Candles - I love scented candles but my most favourite scent has got to be vanilla. I love sweet scents especially in the colder seasons. Recently, I've been loving Glade's magnolia and vanilla candle. It's very sweet (but not pungent). It's more like the smell of baking cookies permeating in the air.
  • Lip colour/s - Burgundy, plum or bordeaux shades. How can you go wrong with dark lippies that match the gloomy autumn sky?
  • Drink - I don't have a specific autumn drink, but as for my favourite drink to keep myself warm, it's the Costa black forest hot chocolate. 
  • TV Show - I don't get invested in TV shows that much. Frankly speaking, I don't really watch TV. I usually catch up with my current favourite TV series on Netflix. Pretty Little Liars comes back next year which leaves me one show to watch this autumn, and that is Once Upon A Time. I almost forgot, there'll be a special PLL episode in November, so there, add that.
  • Movie - I have a long list of favourite autumn/Halloween films (mostly Disney, but of course) and on top of that is Hocus Pocus! 
  • Outfit - Jumpers (of all kinds, whether it be knitted, wool or simply cotton) + black skinny jeans + boots or (because I live in England...) wellies! Having said that, I need to invest in one good pair of Hunter boots!


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