Sunday, 20 September 2015

The Sunday Currently | 01

So, after reading Yaya Dub's blog, I have decided to join The Sunday Currently link-up. Yes, I'm a fan! She's too likeable. Anyway, here it goes.

I have an ordinary life. Monotonous; boring; especially now that I just graduated from university... and that I am unemployed... and still single. *cue music in* (all by myself, don't wanna live...all by myyyyyyyyself, ANYMOOOOOOORE) Jokes! That can wait.

Anyway, I am currently...

the Bible. My life lately made me feel the need to repent and ask for the Lord's guidance. The struggle of finding a job after university is REAL! Unemployment is depressing for me. 

I've been applying for a lot of job vacancies (I am that desperate), whether it be a marketing entry-level job or a junior admin role. Some called me back for interview whilst others just rejected my application mainly because I didn't have enough experience. My decisions didn't help either. I made really bad choices.

I didn't know what to feel about myself after my unsuccessful interviews and applications. I couldn't stop worrying about the future. But good heavens, there's the Bible that I can turn to in times like this.

this blogpost.

to Drive by Oh Wonder. I stumbled upon this song in my pursuit to finding non-mainstream songs to listen to. Yes, because I get tired of listening to POP and EDM songs mainstream music too.

about a lot of stuff. My mind is cluttered with random thoughts, memories, worries and garbage.


for good luck and a productive week ahead.

to get a job soon.

a white graphic tee from Hollister and a tribal print jogger pants from H&M.

watercolour painting. I'm so into it despite not having artsy blood flowing in my veins. I told my friend (who is a really good artist himself) about my fascination and asked for advice/tips. Watercolouring seemed easy to  me at first. I was wrong. My friend advised me to be patient with it as it takes a lot of practice. Patience. Patience. Wait, I don't have that.

to go shopping and to watch new movies in the cinema! Everest, The Visit, The Martian... But since I'm a bit skint, nga-nga nalang muna until I get a job. 

to lose weight before graduation Peace of mind. And sleep.

hungry nervous. I have two job interviews next week. One tomorrow and another one on Wednesday. Wish me luck.


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