Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Travel Diary: Bella Italia

For our very first holiday abroad as a family, we chose to go Venice, Italy. That's another destination off my travel bucket list! How did we end up travelling to Venice? We were invited by a relative.

Before travelling to a destination of your choice, why not trace your family tree first? Having someone who you can fully trust and knows the place very well will make your holiday less stressful. We didn't have to book for a transfer since they offered to pick us up at the airport. And for our first 2 nights, we stayed at their house (that saved us some euros).

In choosing an airline, it really depends on your budget. We went via Ryanair, (1) because it's a good value for money and (2) it's the only airline that flies from Standsted Airport (the closest airport to us) to Venice. My Ryanair experience wasn't bad at all, to be completely honest with you. It was okay. Although our flight to Venice was a little delayed. Just in case Ryanair left you a bad impression, easyJet (another budget airline) also offers flights to Marco Polo Airport which is nearer to Venezia St. Lucia (for about an hour or less, I think).

Let me share you some photos from our trip. 

View from our flight to Venice.

Stunning view that will make you feel so blessed.

Italian peaks and pinnacles.
FIRST DAY. At around 9am. We arrived at Treviso - a Venezian town where we stayed for the rest of our holiday trip. We were so stanca (meaning: tired; yup I learned quite a few Italian words hehe) from travelling so we decided to just walk around the small village of Santa Kristina.  There we found a hidden gem, IL GELATO DI SOLE.

Their gelato is to die for!!! The texture of their gelato is very smooth and so tasty!!!

Legit gelatooooo!!! SOOO GOOD!!!!

Pistachio flavour gelato

Italian market find: RABBIT  MEAT

I so love Italian houses! They're too pretty. Noticed that their houses are mostly in different shades of yellow

Another stunning house

Italian's faith is also hard not to notice

Local church; Santa Kristina
Day 2. Hello Venezia, the floating city! On our first day in Venezia Sta. Lucia, we decided to walk through Piazza San Marco, which is one of the main attractions in Venice. Although it was scorching hot that day, the long walk around this beautiful city is worth it. Tip: Take a lot of short breaks and bring water!!! Bottled water is a tad bit pricey in Sta. Lucia BUT there are water fountains mostly at every corner of the city wherein you can refill your water bottles. Don't worry. IT'S CLEAN! It's the same as the ones you pay for €2.50!

Souvenir shops are everywhere. Tip: Before buying anything, get into several shops and compare prices. Most of the shops sell literally identical products but their prices vary.

If you want to see the beauty of the 'water city' and save some euros, go on a water bus. The all-day water bus ticket costs €20 per person; a 'single ride' costs €7, which you can use only within 72 minutes. Gondola tour, on the other hand, costs €80 (max. of 6 people). It's a great experience but it only lasts for 30 minutes. It gets you through the narrow alleys of Venezia and the Grand Canal.

En route to Venezia Santa Lucia

Right in front of the train station

Bella Venezia

Venetian alley

Just a small piazza in San Marco

St. Marks's Basilica; the quarter of the basilica is under construction/renovation

Piazza San Marco

The tower at St. Marks's Square


Day 3. We checked into our hotel accommodation in downtown Treviso. (Check out their website > Carlton Hotel). If you're looking for a good value for money, I highly recommend Carlton Hotel. We spent less than €200 for 2 nights x 3 bedrooms. Moreover, the train station  is just a short walk away from the hotel. Treviso Centrale can get you to Venezia Sta. Lucia (in 30 minutes) and other  nearby provinces such as Verona (in 2 hours), Padova, Milan etc.

Day 4. We bought an all-day pass water bus ticket. Although it gets squishy at times, I still love the experience. We got to see humongous cruise ships up close!!! 

On our last day, we just strolled around the town of Treviso and head straight to the airport after lunch. Overall, our whole trip was terrific! Definitely one for the books!

Really looking forward to more exciting holidays with family! 


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