Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Travel Diary: Cornwall 2.0

We decided to return to Cornwall this summer with some family friends. The primary reason is to revisit St. Michael's Mount. Also, to visit the world's largest rainforest in captivity: The Eden Project.

This was where we stayed for four days

Trevornick is a really good holiday park. I cannot fault their facilities. The bathrooms and toilets are very clean. They have a small fun park and a golf course too. In addition, the beach is just a 15-minute-walk from the site. For more details visit their website: 

 The Eden Project

St. Michael's Mount, Marazion

We were lucky this time because the Mount was open and the weather was lovely.

We went on a boat ride to get to the island. & it was a good experience. Our return was definitely worth it.

The breathtaking view from the Mount. Overlooking the town of Marazion
The man-made causeway connecting the island to the mainland. Low tide.

I recommend you all to visit Cornwall because it has a lot to offer. Of course you wouldn't want to miss the chance to visit The Eden Project and St. Michael's Mount. Both places are just stunning. Accommodation is not a problem as there's a lot of holiday parks, camp sites, hotels and b&b's around. We chose to stay at a holiday park/camp site because we knew that we wouldn't spend a lot of time at the site all day.  Most of the time, we were outside visiting different places. We also didn't bother bringing so much food because there's a lot of good restaurants everywhere. So practically, if you'd do the same thing, I recommend you to find a reasonably good holiday park with great facilities just like Trevornick. Overall, this trip is the highlight of my Summer 2013. 



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